Hayden’s Baptism Day

Hayden turned 8 at the beginning of November, and chose to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was a lovely day, beautiful weather and a great time with family.

Good thing they tried on the clothes before-hand… Kevin’s was a tad bit short so he went with his temple clothes instead. 🙂

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Hayden’s Piano Lessons

Hayden started piano lessons a couple months ago, and he is loving it. He’s picking it up quickly and I haven’t had any trouble getting him to practice- fingers crossed that it stays that way!


Hayden’s First Grade Concert

Hayden had the part of an African Storyteller in his first grade concert. He had been practicing his line for a couple weeks, but his daddy convinced him that it needed to be a bit more theatrical. I wasn’t sure if he would actually say it that way in the performance, but he sure did! Everyone loved it!

Color Me Rad

The boys and I ran the Color Me Rad 5k together (well, sort of- Hayden was faster than us and ran with friends). They started out so fast, but Parker soon lost steam and got to ride on mommy’s back on the way to the finish line. Next year I’m going to try and talk Kevin into running it with us so we can do it as a family! The kids loved getting all colorful.



Crazy Hair Day

As part of the last week of school fun, Hayden had a crazy hair day at school. We found some Halloween hair spray, and went to town!