Halloween 2014

The kids all picked their own costumes (well Parker picked about 30 different costumes before settling on this one). Hayden has been really interested in past presidents, and he wanted his costume to be Lincoln’s Ghost. Very creative! Audra always asks for a ballerina, and then we saw this cute witch hat headband so we decided she’d be a ballerina witch. Ella did not like wearing her piggy hood, but she looked so cute in it.

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Halloween Festivities Part One

We had heard about some coffin races in a nearby town, and decided to check it out. There was a parade first, then the coffin races. The story goes that Emma Crawford came to Colorado in hopes of regaining her health. Sadly, she passed away soon after. She was buried on top of Red Mountain, and throughout the years the rocks corroded and Emma’s remains were washed down the mountain. So for the races, there is one person dressed up as Emma, riding in a coffin, and four people pushing the coffin. Sounds like fun, right? We didn’t last long enough to find out. It was so crowded, and every other person was smoking. Not fun.

I loved this neat little place we found right next to where we parked. This bridge was a little scary to walk across- the boards seemed to be loose. It made for a neat picture, though!

I got a few pictures of the creepy parade before we left…