Hayden’s Baptism Day

Hayden turned 8 at the beginning of November, and chose to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was a lovely day, beautiful weather and a great time with family.

Good thing they tried on the clothes before-hand… Kevin’s was a tad bit short so he went with his temple clothes instead. 🙂

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The Eyes Have It

Kevin and I thought it would be neat to compare close-ups of our eyes. Especially all the baby blues. Ella was asleep, so we didn’t get hers. Can you guess which eye belongs to each of us?


  1. Parker
  2. Dad
  3. Mom
  4. Hayden
  5. Audra

Playing at the park

We were waiting for daddy to get out of a meeting in town, so we decided to play at a nearby park. It was so pretty with all the fall colors, and Audra had a blast playing in the leaves! That’s one thing I miss about living in Baltimore- all the leaves in our yard. www.annejensenphotography.com_1581www.annejensenphotography.com_1582www.annejensenphotography.com_1583www.annejensenphotography.com_1584www.annejensenphotography.com_1585

Museum Trip

This year we decided to get a membership to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science instead of the Zoo. We have been taking the whole family to Denver to visit the temple (while one of us goes inside to do temple work), and it’s not too far away. There’s so much to see, it will take several visits to enjoy it all. The kids absolutely loved it! www.annejensenphotography.com_1566 www.annejensenphotography.com_1567(Some nice man offered to take a picture for us. And the kids all look grumpy…) We found an awesome pizza place on the way to the museum. The pizzas were huge and sooo good!


Balloon Classic

On labor day we got up bright and early to see the hot air balloons take off, but sadly it was too windy and they never did. It was the last year of the balloon classic in the springs, but I’ve heard rumors of it coming out here next year, so we’ll see.

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Panerathon 2014

We’ve gone to the Panerathon every year since it started a few years ago (except last year when I was pregnant), and the kids love it. I went with my mom this year (should have taken a picture!) and we had a great time chatting. Hayden Parker and Audra did the kids fun run, and had so much fun!


Color Me Rad

The boys and I ran the Color Me Rad 5k together (well, sort of- Hayden was faster than us and ran with friends). They started out so fast, but Parker soon lost steam and got to ride on mommy’s back on the way to the finish line. Next year I’m going to try and talk Kevin into running it with us so we can do it as a family! The kids loved getting all colorful.




Every year when we get our tax refund we celebrate with a dinner out as a family, and this year we went bowling too. We discovered a new place- a Bass Pro Shop that has a bowling alley inside. The kids loved just looking around at all the fish and animals in the shop.

This was the first time Audra had been bowling, and she loved it. She got so excited every time she pushed the ball down the lane. Such a cute reaction.

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The Pioneer Museum

We all love this fun, free local museum. The kids get to do a scavenger hunt of sorts, marking their papers every time they find what they are searching for.

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