Ella’s Eleventh Month!

Ella is at such a fun age now. She loves getting into things and is a little daredevil! She’ll stand on things without holding on, like the kitchen stool or her riding toy and look at me with a twinkle in her eye- very mischievous. She’s so close to walking, and loves doing her squats. Hayden has been such a big help with her, and she reaches out to him anytime he’s around. They have such a sweet relationship.

Hard to believe she’ll be a year old soon!
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Ella and Troy are just 5 weeks apart. It’s really fun to have babies the same age as my sister, even though it wasn’t planned that way!


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Ella’s Tenth Month

Ella is 10 months now, which means I need to start planning her first birthday party! She’s growing so fast. She loves to crawl and explore, and seems so close to walking. She is well loved and is never lonely with her brothers and sisters always around. She got sick for the first time and had a fever for a couple days. Hayden was so sweet, snuggling her and loving her.
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Ella’s Eighth Month

Our little Ella Bella is 8 months old already! She is such a darling baby. She’s just started eating baby food and loves it! She’s getting around anywhere and everywhere, but hasn’t tried getting into the kitchen cupboards yet. She is, however, trying to climb the stairs. 

She has the biggest grin that melts my heart. Oh, how I love her. 








Ella’s Seventh Month

Each time I post one of these I feel like Ella is just growing up so fast! She is crawling all over the place now, and getting into everything. The other day she was playing in the living room and Kevin walks in and says “Have you seen your daughter? Go see what she’s doing.”. She had pulled herself up and was standing by the toy basket, holding on to the edge. We both ran for our cameras but she sat down before we could capture it. 

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Ella’s Sixth Month

Six months already! Ella is sitting up like a champ. She loves exploring anything and everything by putting it in her mouth. She seems especially interested when she sees us eating, so we may have to start some ‘real’ food soon. She still comes into our bed a couple times each night to eat. Sometimes I’m too tired to stay awake and take her back to bed, but I love waking up to her smiley face right next to mine.www.annejensenphotography.com_1320 www.annejensenphotography.com_1319 www.annejensenphotography.com_1318 www.annejensenphotography.com_1317 www.annejensenphotography.com_1316

Ella’s Fifth Month

This sweet baby girl is filling out, getting little chunky cheeks and thighs. She smiles and coos, and loves reaching out to touch my face (and grab it with her sharp little nails). She likes sitting for short periods of time, then face dives before rolling over onto her back. She loves sucking her thumb, and is very snuggly when she wants to be. And her hair is getting so long on top! We love her so much.

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Ella’s Fourth Month

Everyone says how small she is, but to me she is chunky and squishy and snuggly. (Much chunkier than her older sister was!)

You can see in some of the pics- she loves sucking her fingers. Usually it’s either her thumb or the second two fingers upside down. So cute!

Ella has started giving us these cute little giggles when tickled. I love it so much.

She’s still getting so much attention from mommy. I’m trying to enjoy every moment I can with her, because she is just growing so fast! I don’t even mind waking up 1 or 2 times in the night, cause it means I get to snuggle some more. She is a blessing.

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Ella’s Baby Blessing

This past Sunday was a special one. We had family with us while Kevin gave Ella her baby blessing. We dressed her in a cute little pink dress that my sister Jessica had worn for her baby blessing, and she was so sweet (and quiet) during the blessing 🙂


(I just love that little double chin!)