The Eyes Have It

Kevin and I thought it would be neat to compare close-ups of our eyes. Especially all the baby blues. Ella was asleep, so we didn’t get hers. Can you guess which eye belongs to each of us?


  1. Parker
  2. Dad
  3. Mom
  4. Hayden
  5. Audra

Playing at the park

We were waiting for daddy to get out of a meeting in town, so we decided to play at a nearby park. It was so pretty with all the fall colors, and Audra had a blast playing in the leaves! That’s one thing I miss about living in Baltimore- all the leaves in our yard. www.annejensenphotography.com_1581www.annejensenphotography.com_1582www.annejensenphotography.com_1583www.annejensenphotography.com_1584www.annejensenphotography.com_1585

Ella’s Eleventh Month!

Ella is at such a fun age now. She loves getting into things and is a little daredevil! She’ll stand on things without holding on, like the kitchen stool or her riding toy and look at me with a twinkle in her eye- very mischievous. She’s so close to walking, and loves doing her squats. Hayden has been such a big help with her, and she reaches out to him anytime he’s around. They have such a sweet relationship.

Hard to believe she’ll be a year old soon!
www.annejensenphotography.com_1586 www.annejensenphotography.com_1587 www.annejensenphotography.com_1588 www.annejensenphotography.com_1589 www.annejensenphotography.com_1590

Halloween 2014

The kids all picked their own costumes (well Parker picked about 30 different costumes before settling on this one). Hayden has been really interested in past presidents, and he wanted his costume to be Lincoln’s Ghost. Very creative! Audra always asks for a ballerina, and then we saw this cute witch hat headband so we decided she’d be a ballerina witch. Ella did not like wearing her piggy hood, but she looked so cute in it.

www.annejensenphotography.com_1574 www.annejensenphotography.com_1575 www.annejensenphotography.com_1576 www.annejensenphotography.com_1577

Museum Trip

This year we decided to get a membership to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science instead of the Zoo. We have been taking the whole family to Denver to visit the temple (while one of us goes inside to do temple work), and it’s not too far away. There’s so much to see, it will take several visits to enjoy it all. The kids absolutely loved it! www.annejensenphotography.com_1566 www.annejensenphotography.com_1567(Some nice man offered to take a picture for us. And the kids all look grumpy…) We found an awesome pizza place on the way to the museum. The pizzas were huge and sooo good!



Ella and Troy are just 5 weeks apart. It’s really fun to have babies the same age as my sister, even though it wasn’t planned that way!


www.annejensenphotography.com_1562 www.annejensenphotography.com_1563 www.annejensenphotography.com_1564