Ella’s Sixth Month

Six months already! Ella is sitting up like a champ. She loves exploring anything and everything by putting it in her mouth. She seems especially interested when she sees us eating, so we may have to start some ‘real’ food soon. She still comes into our bed a couple times each night to eat. Sometimes I’m too tired to stay awake and take her back to bed, but I love waking up to her smiley face right next to mine.www.annejensenphotography.com_1320 www.annejensenphotography.com_1319 www.annejensenphotography.com_1318 www.annejensenphotography.com_1317 www.annejensenphotography.com_1316


Color Me Rad

The boys and I ran the Color Me Rad 5k together (well, sort of- Hayden was faster than us and ran with friends). They started out so fast, but Parker soon lost steam and got to ride on mommy’s back on the way to the finish line. Next year I’m going to try and talk Kevin into running it with us so we can do it as a family! The kids loved getting all colorful.