Crazy Hair Day

As part of the last week of school fun, Hayden had a crazy hair day at school. We found some Halloween hair spray, and went to town!


Ella’s Fifth Month

This sweet baby girl is filling out, getting little chunky cheeks and thighs. She smiles and coos, and loves reaching out to touch my face (and grab it with her sharp little nails). She likes sitting for short periods of time, then face dives before rolling over onto her back. She loves sucking her thumb, and is very snuggly when she wants to be. And her hair is getting so long on top! We love her so much.

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Audra Turns Four!

Audra turned four on April 28th. Lucky girl got to celebrate her birthday several times! First was her birthday party, then her birthday date with Mommy and Daddy, then her actual birthday when we had the missionaries over for dinner.


Special Mommy Daddy Date at Old Chicago!


“Mommy, can I paint my nails for my birthday?”

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Birthday Dinner!