Bump on the head

I was enjoying a fun birthday out with my mom and sister- pedicures, lunch and movie. We were about to go see Frozen, when I got a call from school saying that Parker bumped his head and might need a stitch. Yikes! Mom went and picked him up for me. He had a pretty big goose egg, but luckily he didn’t need a stitch. And lucky for him, since he was already out of school he got to see the movie with us!




Every year when we get our tax refund we celebrate with a dinner out as a family, and this year we went bowling too. We discovered a new place- a Bass Pro Shop that has a bowling alley inside. The kids loved just looking around at all the fish and animals in the shop.

This was the first time Audra had been bowling, and she loved it. She got so excited every time she pushed the ball down the lane. Such a cute reaction.

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The Pioneer Museum

We all love this fun, free local museum. The kids get to do a scavenger hunt of sorts, marking their papers every time they find what they are searching for.

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Ella’s Second Month

Ella is two months today. She is still my little snuggle bug. She’s starting to stay awake for longer periods of time, and loves the attention the kids give her. She smiles at me, and it melts my heart 🙂

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Audra’s Style

Audra came into my room after her nap the other day, and she had a very proud look on her face. I could tell she wanted me to notice that she had changed her clothes, and put together this cute outfit. She is adorable, especially with her after-nap hair. 🙂


Daddy Date

Now that we have four children, I recognize more than ever the need to spend one on one time with each of them. I’ve taken the kids on dates in the past, but never on a regular basis. A couple months ago, Kevin and I decided to go on weekly dates with the kids. We switch off each week, so one week I’ll take one on a date, the next week he will. The kids love it. They talk all week about their upcoming date with mommy or daddy.

This time it was Audra’s turn with daddy…
(right before they left)


A Snowy Saturday

The kids are loving all this snow. We took them sledding at a nearby hill, but we only have one sled and it wasn’t working very well. So they gave up and jumped in the snow and made snow angels. (Parker covers his face with his hat so he can do snow angels face down). Kevin and I took turns in the car staying warm with Ella, and I was reminded how much I dislike being cold! It didn’t seem to bother the kids though.

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