Snow Angel

Audra was in heaven this morning when she got to go help daddy shovel (and play) in the snow. She’s been waiting for an opportunity to use her new snow boots 🙂

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Ella’s First Month

I can hardly believe it’s been a month already! The boys went back to school a couple weeks ago, so it’s just the girls at home during the day. I’m still taking it easy and cuddling Ella as much as possible. Kevin has been a wonderful help with everything (cleaning, shopping, diapering…). With the other babies he was super busy with school and work, so it’s nice to have him around so much this time.

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Our newest addition: Ella Jensen


My due date was January 2nd, but I was hoping she would come a little earlier. On the 22nd of December, I had been having strong contractions for several hours, so we went in at 3am to get checked. They told me I was in early labor, and I could stay there or go home. We decided to go home and wait it out there, so we could rest and eat if we wanted to. As soon as we got home, I fell asleep for several hours. When I woke up, the contractions were almost completely gone. I was so bummed! 

That night around 5pm, Kevin and I were watching a movie when I started having really intense contractions. Within a few minutes I felt a pop, and I stood up to find that my water had broken (which only happened at the hospital with the other 3, so it was a surprise to me!). We rushed to the hospital, and Kevin wheeled me up to L&D. He told them my water broke, but they didn’t seem too concerned. I waited in Triage for what felt like forever (probably 5-10 min) before a nurse came in. She must have been able to tell it was almost time, because she skipped all the check-in stuff and wheeled me on the bed back to a L&D room. 

I asked for an epidural, and she said he would be right up. I got my IV (which luckily worked the first time; it took them 3 tries with both Audra and Parker), and then they started my epidural. At this point the contractions were worse than I’d ever felt before, since I’d always gotten an epidural before that point in labor. But I knew the epidural would kick in any second. Nope. I was progressing too fast and the nurse said sometimes the epidural can’t catch up when that happens. Lucky me! I was not prepared for it at all, but I got to experience a natural birth. And then the epidural started working, along with the drugs they put in my iv to help. Too bad it was too late. 

She was born at 6:52 after just a few pushes. 


We all just adore her. The kids love to hold her, and help me get things for her. Audra cuddles her and says “aww, baby Ella, you’re so cute”. 

I’m just soaking up every second. She’s the perfect (and equalizing) addition to our family.


You can see in some of the pictures- she was born with a stork bite right on her forehead that looks like a check mark, and one on the back of her neck. Kinda cute 🙂