Zoo day

During Spring Break we decided to visit the zoo. It just happened to be the same day everyone else in town visited the zoo. It took forever to even get in the parking lot, and it was crowded, but it was fun. 🙂

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April Fool’s!

April Fool's Day Pranks

We don’t normally play pranks on each other for April Fool’s Day, (although I did once put a rubber band on the kitchen sink sprayer), but I felt like doing something fun for the kids today. I made “mashed potatoes and gravy” cupcakes from my Hello, Cupcake cookbook, and jello “juice”. Their reactions were pretty funny 🙂 Parker was the only one who tried to drink the juice, and he was so confused. Then I had to convince Hayden to try the cupcake (he doesn’t normally like mashed potatoes). He took a little lick of the frosting, and said “It tastes like ice cream. Is this a miracle? It’s a miracle!”