My 365 Project: Week 6

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My 365 Project: Week 5

Here’s week 5! (Even though it’s not the 5th week of the year!) 🙂


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Eating Pavement

I knew it was bound to happen sooner than later- the kids haven’t really had any injuries yet… Luckily this still isn’t too bad, but ouch!

He tripped and fell down in the street as he was running and playing with friends. Poor guy. Oh, and he got to experience hydrogen peroxide for the first time 😉

scraped face

Audra’s first haircut

I’ve only trimmed the very ends of Audra’s hair a few times, so this was her first “official” haircut. Her hair was getting pretty long, but it was pretty thin at the ends since that was her baby hair. I want it to grow out long and healthy, so I cut off most of the baby hair… it was hard to make that first cut! It made me a little sad, but she’s adorable and it will grow out soon enough. 🙂

little girl first haircut www.annejensenphotography.com_0067 little girl first haircut

little girl first haircut

*The photo of me- photo credit goes to my mother 🙂