Talk time

Two Sundays ago I was asked to give a talk. Although I would never volunteer for that, like my husband would, I’m always willing to accept. For one thing, I know it’s a great opportunity to dive in to a particular subject, plus it pushes me out of my comfort zone. Per my usual fashion, I was putting the finishing touches on my talk at the last minute Sunday morning. I was already a bit frazzled as I was dealing with the kids at the same time, since Kevin had a meeting that morning. ┬áKevin came home in time to finish getting the kids ready and went to save us a spot at church.

I tried to print my talk, and it printed out all funky- the words started right at the edge and were cut off too soon. I checked all the settings and tried again- no luck. Kevin told me to email it to him so he could print it out at church, but then found out that their printer wasn’t working for some reason. He was prepared to go to a friend’s house to print it out, but I finally tried again by copying and pasting it into another program and it worked! ┬áThank goodness… because I am not good at winging it like Kevin is. I got to church only about 10-15 minutes late… oops! At least I made it before the talks started. That’ll teach me to wait until the last minute… hopefully.



My 365 Project 2013: Week 4

Still behind… but I’m getting caught up now! I showed these pictures to Kevin, and he said “well you can see who your favorite child is…”. Haha, I hadn’t realized that these are mostly of Audra. She is a cutie.

self portrait in rear view mirror 365 project

potty training 365 project

365 project

365 project

washing hands 365 project

pikes peak 365 project

365 project piano