"Mom is not a member of the family"

This is from a few weeks back. Hayden was writing his birthday wish list in the car. He got as far as “bathtub toys, a box of cookies and a box of…”
Then I asked him to help buckle his brother in, and he was having a rough time with it. He was so mad at me because I “always ask him to help”. I found this paper after we got home. It just made me laugh, “mom is not a member of the family”. Luckily, he forgave me soon after and we were friends again! 🙂

The Refiner’s Fire: Musings on General Conference

Last week was my church’s General Conference. Twice a year we get to hear our beloved Prophet (currently Thomas S. Monson) and his apostles speak to us. They tell us the things we need to hear, the things God wants us to hear.

When I listen to Conference, I feel the Spirit so strongly. The same Spirit I feel when I go to church, and when I study the scriptures. It’s like I get a surge of strength, and I feel like I can do anything. I want to shape up my life, and correct everything that is out of place. Then life goes back to normal, and the feelings I had are a little muted.

I was talking to my mom about it, and telling her how I wish I could keep that strong resolve I feel when I’m in the moment. She said she’s learned through her life that it’s not about fixing everything at once. Every time you feel that, when you listen to Conference (or whatever it may be), you change a little. You make a small step towards becoming that person you know you’re meant to be. And the next time you make another small change. That’s exactly what life is for. We’re not meant to become perfect all at once. It’s a process. Painful sometimes, but it’s supposed to be. We’re going through the refiner’s fire.

Hayden’s First Field Trip- to the Pumpkin Patch! {Part 1}

This was Hayden’s first field trip, and only one this year, and I’m so glad I was able to go. (Thanks, Mom!) I’ll have to do a few posts, since I took so many pictures I want to share. I got to ride the bus up and back with the kids. I do not envy bus drivers- how do they handle that noise every day!?

All of these were taken in the bus, from my back seat vantage point.

More to come…

Hayden’s Family Photo Album, and Timeout

Each month Hayden is given a project to work on with the whole family. September’s project was a family photo album. We glued pictures on the pages, and he wrote what he wanted to. After he wrote it, he was asking what TM stands for. He said he had seen it after some words he read, so he wrote it after all his sentences. Made me laugh 🙂

Audra doesn’t go to timeout very often, but she had to this morning. She just looked so cute standing in the corner I couldn’t help but snap a picture. She’s adorable, even when she’s in trouble! 🙂

The Mystery of the Kidnapped Keys

It started this morning, when everyone slept a little later than usual. On days when mommy does not have to get up at 5:30 for spinning class, we usually make it downstairs around 6:30-7pm. This morning it was more like 7:45 by the time we all peeled ourselves out of bed. And this is a problem, since I like to leave by 7:55 to get Hayden to school on time (8:15).

The kids ate a quick breakfast of cereal with bananas while I gathered clothes for the school boy. As we were heading out the door, I realized that Hayden didn’t have a lunch. Up until now, I’ve packed him a sack lunch every school day. Since it was now 8:05, there was no time so I gave him a couple of dollars to buy lunch at school. (Which he was incredibly excited about!)

After getting Audra buckled, I ran inside to the drawer where we keep all of our keys. I bet you can guess, my car keys weren’t there. I called Kevin, thinking he may have seen them somewhere. No luck. I frantically ran around the house, throwing couch cushions on the floor, and looking under and around everything. No luck. It was now 8:10. I’m thinking to myself that Hayden just can’t be late, because that means I have to go into the front office and check him in myself. Seeing as how the little kids and I were all in our pajamas, I really didn’t like the sound of that.

I started looking in the kitchen cupboards, and saw Hayden’s lunch box. I picked it up and heard a jingle. I shook it, just to make sure I really heard what I thought I heard. Sure enough, it sounded like the jingle of keys. Opening the sandwich compartment, I found the keys. When I got in the car, Hayden said “we prayed for you to find the keys.” 🙂

It took me until I was on my way back from dropping Hayden off (in the nick of time) to realize that I would have found the keys much sooner if we had gotten up on time and I had made him his lunch like I do everyday.