Picture Share

Last week we went to the Broadmoor with my parents, and I managed to get several cute shots of my Mom and Audra. The others are from different days, just wanted to share!

P.S. My Mom made the cute hats the kids are wearing. 🙂

Happy 5th Birthday, Hayden!

Well, it happened again. Hayden got a year older, and smarter too! His fun birthday week started on Monday, his actual birthday, when Granny took him to a glow-in-the-dark miniature golf place, and out to eat.
Right before they left:
On Saturday, Hayden and I went on a date to La Baguette and shared a yummy croissant with chicken salad. Then we had fun taking photos all over Old Colorado City. Here are my favorites:
Later on Saturday we had family over for cake and presents. Hayden chose a yummy coconut carrot cake this time.

Hayden and Papa

Hayden and Uncle Anthony

Hayden and Grandma

Hayden and Grandpa

Hayden and Granny

And one of Audra, for fun. She was walking around with the hat over her eyes, but it didn’t seem to bother her!

Happy 5th Birthday, baby! We love you so much!
Hayden’s Favorite Things:
Friend: Marijane and Phoenix
Restaurant: McDonald’s 
Movie: Planet 51
Toy: Cars (birthday gift from Uncle Anthony)
Sport to play: Baseball
Favorite outfit: Superman shirt and pants
Pizza topping: Pepperoni
Song: I am a Child of God
Favorite thing to do as a family: Play Mario Kart
Food: Peaches
Ice cream: Strawberry
Treat: Cotton Candy (even though he’s never had it… :))
About Parker: He plays with me, because he likes me
About Audra: I love her
What do you want to be when you grow up: Dentist (so I can look at people’s bones)

Apple Cider Press

I love my dad. Any normal person would just buy apple cider at the store, but on a whim he makes his own cider press to have fresh apple cider. I like to think I inherited a little bit of that from him. Just a little. 
By the way- the cider was delicious!
In case you’re wondering, the apples are in cheesecloth, being juiced between those white cutting board-type squares.

Sunday Pictures

I have been having so much fun with my new dslr camera, and I find myself taking pictures every opportunity I get. I love that there is so much information online at my fingertips. I can find anything I need to learn about photography online, or from my Dad, who is an amazing photographer.

Here are a few shots from yesterday and today:

(My most cooperative subject by far)

I think he was about to sneeze here:


(Unfortunately, he looks sad in these. I think he’s getting tired of me practicing on him!)