Halloween Festivities Part One

We had heard about some coffin races in a nearby town, and decided to check it out. There was a parade first, then the coffin races. The story goes that Emma Crawford came to Colorado in hopes of regaining her health. Sadly, she passed away soon after. She was buried on top of Red Mountain, and throughout the years the rocks corroded and Emma’s remains were washed down the mountain. So for the races, there is one person dressed up as Emma, riding in a coffin, and four people pushing the coffin. Sounds like fun, right? We didn’t last long enough to find out. It was so crowded, and every other person was smoking. Not fun.

I loved this neat little place we found right next to where we parked. This bridge was a little scary to walk across- the boards seemed to be loose. It made for a neat picture, though!

I got a few pictures of the creepy parade before we left…

Fun photoshoot with Kevin

Although reluctant, Kevin was willing to let me do some practice shots with him after our temple session. Plus, I had to get some pictures of him with his new glasses. (I think he looks really good with glasses!)

The very top of the Denver temple.

Trip to Rexburg, ID

About 2 months ago, my sister and I took a road trip to Rexburg, ID for her sophomore year at BYU Idaho. (The trip up was fun, the 14 hour trip back by myself? Not so much. Anywhooo…)
There is a beautiful garden right by the school, and we had fun taking some pictures there.

Here is my beautiful sister, Jessica.

And one of little old me.


I have yet to figure out this strange anomaly. The kids’ bright idea was that one of Daddy’s feet must be bigger than the other. I’m pretty sure that isn’t the case. What do you think? 


We went to Sam’s Club yesterday with my mom. We were browsing through the books, and I turned the corner to look at the cookbooks. In a few seconds I realized Hayden hadn’t followed us. I guess he was wrapped up in a cool skeleton book and didn’t see us walking away. We went back to where he was, and he was gone. My mom stayed with the other two while I went to look for him. Up and down the aisles, searching for any sign of him. I tried to remember what he was wearing that day so I could tell people. Red shirt, green sweatpants. I didn’t see him anywhere, so I went up front to have them call him on the intercom.

As I was looking for someone to help me, I saw him. I was so relieved that my emotions got the better of me and my eyes filled with tears. I managed to say “Hayden!” and he ran towards me. “I thought you guys left me!” I assured him that would never happen. He had been standing with a woman, another shopper, who was looking for someone to page me. I thanked her and then crouched down to have a chat with Hayden. I told him if he ever looks up and doesn’t see us, to make sure and stay where he was so we could find him. I kept going over it every few hours, just to make sure he understood.

Today I am so grateful for the blessing of finding him. I am grateful for the woman who was kind enough (and honest enough) to stay with him until I got there. I don’t ever want to feel that way again. I can imagine that Hayden feels the same way, he was so scared. He didn’t want to leave my side the rest of the day.

Copycat Clock

I have been admiring these clocks from Deseret Book for months, but haven’t been able to buy one. I have a clock in the living room, but it’s plain jane. So, I decided to make use of my silhouette and vinyl and make my own clock into one like these.

Here’s the result:

I think it’s pretty great, especially since it cost pennies!