A Date with Hayden

I love going on dates with Hayden. I think it really helps our relationship when he gets one on one time with me. Plus- he is just so darn cute! For our last date, we went out to lunch and then to Kung Fu Panda. We loved it!

Audra’s first birthday party!

My baby girl is one! (A month and a half ago, that is. Better late than never, right?)
Can I just say how much I love having a girl? She is so cute and sweet and fun to dress up! We’ve recently started doing pigtails, and she looks adorable with them! So much fun. 
We had family over for her birthday party. It’s always fun to have an excuse to invite everyone over!
And now- picture time!
Audra and Grandpa (Kevin’s dad)

Audra, cousin Marijane and brother Hayden.

Audra and Uncle Anthony (my older brother)

Audra and Auntie Jessica (my younger sister)

Audra and Papa (my dad)

Happy first birthday, baby girl!