Letters and Penpals

These are my letters. Some of them. I’ve been saving notes, cards and letters since I was little. I have notes from high school friends, birthday cards, wedding announcements, Christmas cards and more. Every once in a while I will pull the box out and go through them. I just love reading them all and remembering friends and things from my past. 

When I was in middle school, I took a class all about Japan. We were each given a penpal from Japan, and that was so neat. I only have two letters from my penpal, and I don’t remember why we didn’t keep writing. It’s too bad, it would have been cool to keep it up.

I love the less than perfect English, and the fun doodles.

I have two penpals now, one lives in New Zealand and one lives in Utah. I absolutely love having penpals. I think I know my penpals better than I know some of my local friends. There’s just something about writing to someone you haven’t met in person. It’s easy to be open and share all about yourself. I highly recommend it : )

Kindness of Strangers

My morning started off like many others. I dropped Kevin off at work and ran an errand before taking Hayden to Preschool. Then I went to Walmart for some groceries. I got to the register and my total was forty one dollars and thirty two cents. I swiped my card. *Beep*. I swiped it again. *Beep*. Had I miscalculated the amount in my checking account?

I quickly called Kevin and asked him to check my account balance online. “$17.49” he tells me. Shoot. That’s too much of a difference to just put a few things back. Kevin reminds me that his wallet is in the car, so I tell the cashier that I have to go get my other card from the car. She calls a manager over and, embarrassed, I apologize to the people waiting behind me.

Just then, the gentleman behind me comes up to me and pushes a hundred dollar bill into my hand. I start to protest, but he insists. So of course, I start to cry. I hand the bill to the cashier, and then feel a hand on my back. An older gentleman hands me a twenty dollar bill. “Oh no, I don’t need this” I say. “Take it, please” he tells me. More tears. The wife of the first gentlemen refused the change, hugged me and accepted my thanks. The manager, standing by through all of this, hugged me and said “Pay it forward”. And I intend to.

I found it interesting that the first thing I heard when I turned on the car was someone singing “You Are Not Alone”.

So Thank You so much to those strangers in line with me. It truly made my day, and in a way, changed my life. What I keep thinking about is how selfless these people were. They don’t know me, they don’t know my circumstances.  But they helped me out. And I am so grateful for their example.

If you are ever in a situation where you can help someone, please do. You never know when you might be an answer to a prayer.

My Wedding Box

When I was a Laurel in Young Womens, we put together wedding containers that we were to open when we were engaged. I was just looking through some old things and found this fun stuff:
Check. I think I did pretty good there : )

 I’m happy to report that I am completely patient ; ) Not!

 Oh dear, 10 kids! What was I thinking?!?

We never took a honeymoon, but we will someday, I’m sure. 

Did your happily ever after end up like you dreamed?

New Hairdo

One of the fun things about being a hairstylist is being able to cut your own hair, on a whim. It’s not always a good thing, I’ve cut without really thinking in the past, but most of the time it’s good. I cut quite a bit off, but mostly from layers in the front. I like having long hair, so I didn’t touch the length at all.

(If I look tired, it’s because I’ve been sick for a week. Just now starting to feel better again.)


I didn’t get my Christmas cards mailed out. They are still sitting in a pile, half of them without addresses and none of them stamped. And I think we’ve officially past the deadline for getting Christmas cards out. By a few months. Maybe this year it will happen. Maybe not.

Feeling Crummy

I’ve been feeling crummy for a few days now, and woke up this morning with a 102.2 degree fever. My wonderful mom offered to take the kids for the day so I can rest. Thanks, Mom! I have plenty of Gilmore Girls and I Love Lucy to last me through the day, and a comfy bed to rest in.

There is never a convenient time to get sick, but why now? I was planning on painting the dresser for the boys’ room, and finishing my awesome shelves, and painting the guest bath. I sometimes wonder if my body is telling me to slow down when I get sick. : )

Valentine’s Day Fun

We started off the weekend with a Valentine Cake Pop Party. I think the kids had lots of fun dipping the cake pops in the sprinkles and especially eating them. : )

Valentine’s Day began with pink heart pancakes and bacon. 

After breakfast, I had a treasure hunt set up for the kids. I drew pictures of things like the tv and fridge where I had hidden more clues, until they found the prize! They were so excited, it was adorable.

Kevin and I rented a free movie from redbox, and enjoyed pound cake a berries with fresh whipped cream. Yum!
Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

P.S. I’m sick. Bleh.

A Birthday Party

A few days ago we went to a cousin’s birthday party at this awesome place where they had trampolines and foam pits and more. The boys had a blast on the bungees. I wish I could have done it too!

Hayden couldn’t quite flip on his own, but he thought it was so fun.

Parker on the trampoline with Grandpa.

Parker was so excited to jump on the tramp. The harness looked so big on him!

And then he got stuck upside down. : )

He thought this was hilarious to squish daddy.

Hayden and Parker next to the birthday boy, Cayden. 

What do you think, do we look alike?