Hayden and the Three Bears, and Parker’s Pillow

It seems like every child has a lovey. Something they sleep with, and sometimes carry around.

For Hayden, it’s these three bears. He sleeps with one or all of them, and he always asks for them if he’s sad or tired. He uses them in conjunction with the finger sucking. He’ll take a bear, and sniff it while sucking his two middle fingers; first smelling the ear, then the tail. If he had more than one bear, he’ll go through them all that way. Funny thing- if you throw one at him anytime in the day, he’ll stop what he is doing to sniff it. It’s cute, for now. (Can’t imagine it would be cute in high school)

Here he is, so happy that I am taking his picture ; )
Parker has his pillow, which is his boppy from when he was a baby (actually, it was Hayden’s before that). And you’ll notice the shirt- it’s one of mine. Any soft shirt will work, which is nice.



Whole Wheat Pancakes with Apple-Orange Topping

I realize this would not pass for a restaurant meal- all the food is brown! : )

Whole Wheat Pancakes
2 cups             whole wheat pastry flour
2 tbsp             ground flax seed
2 tbsp             honey
2 tsp               baking powder
½ tsp              baking soda
½ tsp              salt
2                    eggs, beaten
2 cups             milk or buttermilk*
¼ cup             cooking oil
Combine dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately, and then combine. Stir until just moistened.      
Serves: 4
*Using buttermilk makes the batter a little thicker, so you might want to decrease the amount if you use regular milk. The pancake batter will be pretty runny if you don’t.

Apple-Orange Topping

2 cups            applesauce
1/3 cup           orange juice concentrate
1-3 tsp           cinnamon
Combine applesauce and juice, microwave until warm. Add cinnamon.

Thank you

Serene challenged her readers to write about a time when someone touched their life with an act of kindness.

The one thing that stood out in my memory was a time when we were newly married, probably in the second year or so. We were living in an apartment and, as college students, struggling a bit financially. One night in the month of December we heard a knock on the door (no doorbell). We went to the door to find a $50 Walmart gift card on the mat. $50 was (and still is!) a lot of money. I am truly grateful for the anonymous giver. It meant so much to us.

Feast Upon the Word

You know how you can hear something over and over and not really get it, and all of a sudden it just clicks? That’s what happened to me. We had been trying to have family scripture study at night before bed. But sometimes things come up, and we aren’t home or we get home too late. Or I forget.
I was reading this awesome blog and read how this mom has started reading scriptures in the morning with her family. So I decided to try it. It is working much better for us.
We read scriptures during or right after breakfast, before we send Kevin off to work. We each read a verse or two (the boys repeat after us). I love starting out the day with scriptures. I plan on adding a hymn or Primary song as well, as I think music is so important, and I want my kids to learn as much as they can.
We’ll see how long it takes to finish the Book of Mormon. Who was it at General Conference that talked about the mom who read a few verses a day with her kids, and it took them like 3 years or something?

Finger suckers

How funny is it that they all suck the same fingers? Someone told me that it’s better for their mouths than sucking thumbs, because it doesn’t affect their pallet or teeth. So if they are going to suck their fingers, I’m glad they chose those!

The boy with a big mouth

Yesterday was the second incident. I’ve been teaching Hayden about health and exercise, and I think he understands a little. Maybe a little too much. A few months ago we saw several morbidly obese people walking towards us, and Hayden says “Wow, Mom- they’re so fat!”. And then yesterday, another large person walking in front of us, and Hayden says “That mom needs to exercise!”. It’s so embarrassing, but what can I do? (I do talk to him about not saying those things so loud, and maybe waiting until we are alone to tell me)
Has this happened to you?

Colorado Pumpkin Patch

We went here two years ago. I wasn’t able to go down the slides, because I had Parker with me in a sling. I got to go this year- so fun! There’s a little video of us at the end- me taking both boys down the slide!

Hayden makes a cute girl, dontcha think? hahaha

 Tractor Ride

Sweet Audra
The longest and most boring “maze”. But look how pretty the sky is!
They had a few animals to see and pet: