Christmas this year was a lot of fun. On Christmas Eve, we went to Mom and Dad Jensen’s home for a yummy dinner, gifts and games. On Christmas day, after we opened gifts with our family at home, we went over to Mom and Dad Seward’s for dinner. Hayden got some great gifts from everyone, and my parents surprised us with a digital camera! We’ve been wanting one for a long time- thank you so much mom and dad!
It was wonderful to spend time with family around Christmas- it wouldn’t feel like Christmas to me without family!
Here are a couple of videos- one is Parker laughing, and the other is Hayden at Granny’s on Christmas (he loves Wall-E).

Christmas Parade

Saturday night Kevin and I took the boys downtown to watch a Christmas Parade. Before the parade we went to the Pioneer Museum and made a Christmas ornament for Hayden (a pipe cleaner candy cane). We also wrote a letter to Santa Claus! The museum closed at 3:00pm and the parade didn’t start ’til 6:00pm or so. So we walked around for a while, I had dinner (Kevin had started his fast), and we just let Hayden run around for a while. It was nice and relaxing. We got a spot right on the curb in front of the museum, to watch the parade. It got really cold after the sun went down, so it was hard to completely enjoy the parade. It was fun to see the lights though, and I think Hayden enjoyed it. We left early because it was so cold, so we didn’t get to see Santa Claus.

Here are some pictures of us before the parade. Just watch Hayden’s face in the first three pictures.

This is what Parker did during the entire parade.

I love this face 🙂

Kevin said “show mommy your teeth” so he would smile.